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Consumers: These are lists of Consumers grouped into many different categories including but not limited to: area, net income, home ownership, hobbies, interests, etc.

Businesses: These are lists of businesses grouped into specific categories much the same as the consumer lists but containing ONLY business information.

Important Considerations for your Marketing Campaign:
Who do you want to target? In other words, who would you like to reach with your list? Are you interested in Consumer Lists or Business Lists?
What is the product/service you are promoting?
Have you considered the content of your Creative?
How can you get the best results from your target?
How often do you want to reach your target; once, twice, monthly, weekly?
Have you used lists before?
If so, what type of lists have you used?
What results did you have?
What is your campaign volume?
When do you wish to begin your campaign?

You may be new to using lists or you might be a seasoned pro, either way, we are here to help. Give us a call during your planning process, we are pleased to offer advice and assistance and you are under no obligation to order from us!
At SuperLists, we can help you find the best list for your campaign — call or e-mail us today.