Special HTML Email Creative TIPS




    • Avoid white text on dark backgrounds


    • When using Flash or video, be sure to use a static background images in the event it cannot render in recipient environment


    • Keep HTML file sizes to no more than 65K


    • Flash files to no more than 100K including a pre-loader


    • Keep Video to under 30 seconds in length


    • Optimize video for anticipated recipient bandwidth. SDM supports 28.8kbps thru T1 speeds.


  • Keep e-mail width to 675 pixels maximum to allow for optimal viewing on lower monitor resolution settings

Recipient’s Name will be dynamically placed in the top line.

Subject line should not exceed 72 character lines.

Body of email (text message) should not exceed 72 character lines deep.

For fast loading low bandwidth pages:

Body of email (text message) should not exceed 72 character lines deep.
HTML documents should not exceed more than 8K.

JAVA Scripts will not be accepted unless compliant with all major browsers i.e.: Internet Explorer, Netscape & AOL.
JAVA TAG’s not to exceed 72 characters.

Email Summary

Opt-in email is “permission-based” email, meaning that these individuals have opted-in and given their permission to receive information. With opt-in email campaigns, the email addresses are not released to you, rather the list owner does the transmission on your behalf, which maintains the integrity of the database. Your message can be either html or text. Once you have your email message ready to go, it is forwarded to the list owner, who will then set it up as a test message which is sent to you, so you can see it as the end-user will see it before the transmission is done. Once you sign off with your approval, transmission is scheduled within 2 business days.

Approximately 3 days following transmission, you will receive a series of reports that outline:

  1. the number of recipients of your message
  2. how many recipients clicked on your message in their in-box
  3. how many clicked through to your website

These reports are run as requested, so you can see the progress throughout your campaign. Opt-in email is 100% guaranteed deliverability. If the recipient can’t view your message in html (98% of recipients have html capability), it is automatically sent in text form – since these addresses are housed internally with the list owner, they have a record of text-only recipients. Although results from any opt-in email campaign can never be guaranteed, average response rate for opt-in email is 1-3%, yet we’ve seen much higher response (and lower), depending on the clients’ email marketing piece, recipient interest, etc.