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Target your optimal market by using business SIC codes. SuperLists can assist you in defining your ideal target market in order to get the most out of your advertising budget. Ask your SuperLists representative how to obtain better, more targeted lists. The SIC or Standard Industrial Classification code was developed by the USA Department of Commerce as a means of identifying the industry to which an organization belongs.

You will see this is an excellent method by which to target the right businesses for your campaign.

Using Business SIC codes is an easy and practical method to target the right businesses for your individual advertising campaign.

Every company has a primary Business SIC code. This SIC code indicates the company’s primary line of business; defined by the code definition that generates the highest revenue for that company.

Business SIC codes are four digit numerical codes. The SIC numbering System sorts the economy into 11 divisions, further divided into 83 two-digit major groups, then into 416 three-digit industry groups and finally into 1,005 four-digit industries.

Example of SIC (2 to 4-digit) code:

20-39             Manufacturing (Division)

25                 Furniture and Fixtures (Major Group)

252               Office Furniture (Industry Group)

2521              Wood Office Furniture (Industry)


North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is similar to Business SIC Codes and is used by businesses and governments to classify and measure economic activity in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

As with SIC Codes, all companies also have an NAICS code. The number indicates the company’s primary line of business, which is the line of business which generates the highest revenue for that company.

NAICS is a six digit code system that is currently the standard used by federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments. The first 2 digits designate the largest business sector, the third digit designates the subsector, the fourth digit is the industry group, the fifth is the particular industry and the final digit describes the national industry.

Example of NAICS (2 to 6 digit) code:

11             Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting (Sector)

111            Crop Production (Subsector)

1113           Fruit and Tree Nut Farming (Indstry Group)

11133         Non-citrus Fruit and Tree Nut Farming (Industry)

111331        Apple Orchards (U.S. Industry)

The four-digit Business SIC codes have been plotted to correspond with the 6 digit NAICS.


Although not an official U.S. SIC Code or NAICS Code, further divisions (up to 8 digits) were created by private data companies to help further classify industries for marketing and identification purposes.

The more digits, the more specific the industry type. Some marketing requirements by our clients are very specific and require a certain sector inside an industry. However, most requests for an industry specific campaign can be handled with 2 or 4-digit code.

Example of 8-digit codes:

10                   Metal Mining (Industry)

1044               Silver Ores (SubIndustry)

10440100         Silver Ores Mining (Specific Industry)

10440101        Silver Ores Mining (Specific Industry)

Your SuperLists representative is happy to assist with advice on Business SIC Code selection – call or email us today.

Perform a full SIC Code Search:

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