By Terry Newell, SuperLists International Inc.,

Everywhere you look today, you see the ‘r’ word — recession. I, however, am an optimist and know we have survived recessions in the past – think 2001 – and we will survive this one as well. I have noticed something interesting about recession marketing though, as have other observers in the marketplace. Just when it is most important to focus on marketing and advertising to current customers and locating new ones, companies cut back. Think about this, with so many companies selling so many goods and services, you want your company to be first in the consumer’s mind when it comes to your product or service. You are soon forgotten if your message doesn’t reach your customer. You can’t be first if you don’t play.

Therefore, recession marketing means your dollars must work smarter for you. Email is the single best marketing avenue available today to reach large numbers of consumers in a cost effective manner and keep your company number one in the customers’ mind.

There are many reasons to use an email list in a recession. Email is more cost effective than postal, allowing your company to reach more people for the same dollar. Buying an email list and sending a message may not be as cheap as it was in the first days of internet marketing, but it is certainly more simple and cost effective than a print or TV ad campaign. Email marketing is tracked and results made available in real time. There is no waiting for answers; you will learn how many of your email list targets opened the email, how many clicked through to your website and how many took advantage of your offer. Since all reputable email lists are permission-based, you know your target is looking for your product or service. Email marketing is a powerful method to reach targeted consumers looking for your product today.

7 ways to recession proof your email marketing:

  1. Build on customer loyalty. Make good use of your existing customer base. Email your customers regularly with new products, discounts, loyalty coupons, flyers and newsletters.
  2. Keep email messages interesting and relevant. Don’t recycle old material, keep your message fresh and hold on to the attention of your target audience.
  3. Use catchy and pertinent Subject Lines. In order for your email to be opened by your target, you have to grab their attention. Make sure your subject lines are eye-catching. What makes you open your email messages? If you don’t catch your target’s attention with a great subject line, it won’t matter how good the email list is.
  4. Know who uses your products or services and target them. One of the principal reasons email works is the ability to target exactly the consumer who has an interest in your product or service. Take the time to pinpoint your best customer; how old are they, how much money do they make, what are their interests…..and use this knowledge to reach other consumers with the same demographics.
  5. Once is never enough! In a recession, most consumers tend to think about their purchases for a longer time before committing. With email, you can reach your target more often, keeping your name in their minds so they will think of you when they do commit.
  6. Have a professional write your creative. The creative, the body of the email, is your key to success. Most consumers regularly receive email from advertisers and they know what keeps their attention, a well-written, targeted creative. The professional may be someone in your company, it may be you or you may wish to take advantage of the services of a specialist at an email list company.
  7. Ask a List Representative. A list representative or list broker is an expert in the list industry, a professional who works on your behalf to guarantee a first class email campaign. A list representative can assist in discovering who your best target audience is, work to find you the list that best meets your individual criteria and leave you free to focus on results. Look to SuperLists for your next email campaign. Contact us for your email list purchase and let us help you make your next campaign a success.

It is possible to make your company stand out during a recession. Advertising less is not an option, advertising smarter with targeted email lists is your best prospect.


Terry Newell is a list representative and researcher with SuperLists International Inc. After using rental lists for many years in her business career and seeing the amazing growth and ability of the list industry, Terry seized an opportunity to work with SuperLists in 2006.