Five Tips for Phone Sales Success

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Despite DNC laws that have changed the telemarketing industry, the phone is still a powerful way for businesses to reach out to customers. Whether you’re trying to drum up business for your sole-proprietor graphic design shop, or contacting millions of consumers via a call center, you’ll be able to put these tips for phone sales success to work for your next telemarketing campaign.

Have a clear objective.

It’s important to know why you’re calling before you-or your phone salespeople-make the call. What is your goal for each phone call? What do you want your prospect to do as a result of your phone call? Know your goal, and craft your sales message around it.

Know your prospect.

Companies who make calls to consumers are lucky-they have to deal with Do Not Call regulation. That means you can’t call anyone on the Do Not Call list-and hardly anyone isn’t, nowadays-who hasn’t already made contact and expressed interest in your business. That’s actually a good thing-it self-selects so that only people who are likely to buy from you are on your list. Make sure you have a general idea who these people are in terms of demographics and why they’re likely to be interested in your company.

Outsource your call center.

Many frugal business owners prefer to keep their telemarketing efforts in-house. However, a good outsourced call center could save you money in the long run-and it’ll definitely save you time.

Get a killer script.

The right script is crucial to your telemarketing success. Generally, prospects respond better if the caller is offering something they want, not just trying to pressure them to buy. Since the Do Not Call list took effect, many of the people you call will have done business with you before. That means you can call to offer them special sales or discounts they might be interested in, referencing your previous business contact. Studies show that people are a great deal more likely to buy from someone they’ve bought from before-so take the small window of opportunity you have to remind them of their prior business with you.

Practice till it sounds natural.

Your salespeople should never be reading from the script directly-they should use it as a guide, that’s all. Of course, this can be very difficult, especially with inexperienced salespeople. Before setting your salespeople loose on your new phone marketing campaign, make sure they’re comfortable with the script, are familiar with all the objections a prospect might have, and know how to counter them confidently. If possible, hold training sessions, role-playing, and practice time to allow your employees to get to know your script inside and out.

Telemarketing is still an excellent way to reach consumers and get your message out there. With the right staff, the right script, and solid marketing goals for each call, you’re sure to reach your financial goals for this year through a strong telemarketing campaign.