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Company Name Address City State Zip Code Phone
SCOTT, JASON2535 N 40TH AVEHOLLYWOODFL33021-30053053798438
LAW PREPS LLC220 E 42ND ST #407NEW YORKNY10017-5833
POSTON LAW FIRM4075 E RIVER RDTUCSONAZ85718-69495205771849
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Who are you Targeting in a Family Law Lawyer List ? This is a critical question when it comes to the successful utilization of your Marketing list. Your Customers will be looking to Hire a Lawyer and will be interested in location, Quality of the litigator, pricing, availability, and many other factors. Lets consider the customers point of view: When you are involved in any type of family legal dispute, it is imperative that you hire a family law lawyer to represent you in a court of law. A family law attorney will know every aspect of the law as it pertains to the dispute you are in, and will work hard to ensure that your interests are represented fairly, and that you get a fair and equitable settlement at the end of the dispute. When you need a lawyer, it pays to find one that specializes in the specific area of law that you need help with. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense to represent your interests in a divorce can end in a less than satisfactory result, so if your issue is family law, then a lawyer who specializes in family law is your best bet for getting to an acceptable resolution. Family law lawyers are extremely important, because they provide a means of settling family disputes through a third party who is not emotionally or financially involved in the dispute. Family law lawyers can bring much-needed calm and rationality to heated disagreements, and help all of the parties involved in the dispute reach a resolution that is reasonable for all involved. If you are in the midst of a divorce or a custody dispute, your family law attorney can be an invaluable asset, helping you to understand your rights, and the laws that govern those rights, and fighting in court for you to be granted your full rights. Ideally, each party involved in the dispute should have access access to an attorney to represent their interests, since that should result in a fair settlement for all involved.


Family law attorneys are well versed in all of the laws that pertain to all aspects of the family. They can help you to create a prenuptial agreement, so that in the event of a divorce, the division of property is already decided and no further dispute is necessary. They can also draft similar types of agreements for those entering civil unions or domestic partnerships, helping the partners to draft an agreement that would protect the rights and property of both parties if they ever split up. If you are entering into an unconventional relationship of any sort, it is a good idea to have a lawyer draw up a contract detailing the terms and conditions of the relationship, the division of property in case of the failure of the relationship, and decisions regarding custody, visitation, and child support for any children that might result from the relationship.

Perhaps your Customers are in the throes of a divorce and looking for a listing of Lawyers nearby. If they are then their perspective will be on these types of specialty lawyers which you will need in your marketing list. If your marriage or partnership can be annulled rather than requiring a divorce, your family law lawyer will be able to differentiate between the two states and advise you on the best path to take. Annulments are rare, since they can only legally occur in very specific circumstances. When it comes to disputes or legal proceedings pertaining to children, a family law attorney can help you to complete the necessary legal procedures involved in adopting a child, as well as acting as a go-between, dealing with both the biological parent(s) and the adoptive parents or a lawyer representing the other parties. Family law attorneys can also help adoptees to find their birth parents in cases where the adoptee has had no luck in finding them on his/her own.

Another speciality that your customers may be looking for is in the realm of surrogacy and parental rights. These potential clients are a real niche and when they are looking for representation or a litigator then your list must target this sector: In today’s world of increasing infertility, surrogacy is becoming a common practice, although it is often fraught with danger – it is not unknown for surrogate mothers to be unable to give the child up when the time comes. The family law lawyer can draw up the necessary legal documents for a surrogate parenting situation, in an attempt to make sure that the situation will go as planned if at all possible. In recent years, legal contracts regarding surrogate mothers have become more common, and family law lawyers have had to learn how to protect their clients’ interests in a surrogacy situation. In the future, surrogacy will become even more complicated, since the first child with three biological parents has already been born and many more are sure to follow. A comprehensive surrogacy contract in that situation would not be an easy document to write. Family law attorneys may also represent children in cases of child abuse or incest, since the child needs someone to represent their interests in a case where, far too often, only the interests of the adults involved seem to be taken into account. Having a lawyer representing the child’s interests gives the child a better chance of a good outcome. In cases where child support, visitation rights, or child custody needs to be decided on, a family law lawyer will know all of the details of the laws pertaining to such matters and will be able to help their client get a fair outcome.


In years gone by, paternity suits were a difficult area of law, since there was no absolutely foolproof way to determine the paternity of any child. Today, DNA testing has essentially made paternity suits open and shut cases, and there is less need for a lawyer’s investigative skills in determining the truth of the matter. This doesn’t mean that the parties involved do not need lawyers, though, because along with the determination of paternity come the questions of custody, child support, visitation rights, and all the other things that go along with parenting a child outside of a relationship with their other parent. For those who are in the process of dissolving a relationship, a family law attorney is extremely important. In a divorce, the family law attorney can represent a client so that they receive their fair share of the shared assets from the relationship. The attorney can ensure that their client’s partner has disclosed all of their assets and is not hiding anything in order to avoid sharing it, and can force disclosure of all assets from the partnership. In cases of adultery or spousal abuse, your lawyer can often produce proof of wrongdoing and therefore have a much better chance of getting you a fair deal in your divorce.

If you have a prenuptial agreement already in place and are dissolving the relationship, you may still want to hire a lawyer so that you can be sure that the prenuptial agreement is still legally binding, and that all of the terms of the agreement are fair and equitable. If alimony is a consideration, then your family law lawyer can help to make sure that alimony amounts are fair, so that both parties can live with the results. Property settlements are another area where a family law lawyer can be invaluable. If there is property to divide, it is always a good idea to have a lawyer representing your interests, so that you can get your fair share of the property in dispute. It isn’t always the direct participants in a relationship that need a family law attorney. There are times when the grandparents of a child or children want visitation rights even though their son or daughter has none – in this situation they could hire a family law attorney to represent their interests in court, and hopefully be able to arrange visits with their grandchildren even though the custodial parent may not be in favor of that arrangement. A youth who has been accused of breaking the law, or who is homeless as a result of family violence or other issues, or who is in a situation involving abuse of any sort may also benefit from the services of a family law lawyer. Too often youths are forgotten by the legal system, as it often fails to realize that they are no longer children, but not yet adults. This often results in a situation where youths are routinely punished for wrongdoing, but seldom protected from themselves or others. A youth who has legal representation in any legal proceeding has, in effect, obtained a voice and a presence in the courtroom that they may not have had before.


When it comes to family law, your lawyer is required to represent your interests in whatever dispute or legal proceeding you are involved in. If you believe that your lawyer is not representing you adequately, you are within your rights to fire that lawyer and hire a different one to represent you, but if you have done your homework and asked the necessary questions of your lawyer, chances are you will never have to fire them. You need to know what area of law they commonly practice in, and if they have represented other clients in your situation, and the outcomes of those cases. You should ask if the lawyer has any special training or experience that will be helpful in this situation. Ask them what their attitude towards the situation you are in is, and if they have any reservations about representing you. You might even want to know if there are other ways of solving your problem besides going to court. If you and your new lawyer are in agreement and they are going to represent you, you will need to know how they prefer to work. How will they let you know what is going on with your case? How often and under what circumstances can you expect to hear from your lawyer? If you need to speak to your lawyer, how can that be accomplished, and when is the best time to call? Establishing these guidelines ahead of time will save a lot of frustration down the road.

Last but not least, it is important to be completely honest with your lawyer and explain your situation clearly during your first meeting with him/her, so that your lawyer is working with a full knowledge of what you need. You cannot expect your attorney to represent you properly if they are not in possession of all of the facts. Ultimately it quickly becomes obvious quite quickly that even what you may believe is a well targeted list of Family Law Lawyers suddenly can have all sorts of unexpected needs in the clients eyes. In the end the success of your list and marketing efforts comes down to how well you understand the needs and motivation of all players involved.

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