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SuperLists has access to every phone number list available on the market today. We can assist you to reach your marketing targets.
Do you need to speak to married couples with teenage children in Seattle, Washington or plant managers at manufacturing firms in California? Then you need a phone call list and SuperLists can find the right one for your specific marketing campaign.
Often called phone lists, telemarketing lists and lead lists, call lists are derived mainly from the same sources as mailing lists, but contain a phone number and/or fax number for your target demographic.

When you purchase a phone call list, you receive the consumer or business name, full mailing address and the phone number.

As with other direct marketing lists, you can target your ideal audience by including certain parameters or selects in your state phone list or lead list request. If you need to reach a particular type of consumer, you can add any parameters you wish – age, buying habits, home ownership, renters, presence of children, geography, etc. If you want to market your product or service to a business, you may want to select the name and title or function of the person you wish to contact, or the level of revenue or number of employees.

Phone campaigns have been very popular. So extensively has this market been used that the US and Canada have put laws in place to regulate these campaigns. In all cases, the Buyer must comply with the law. If you are not clear on current legislation, we recommend you research this area and become acquainted with your obligations and risks when purchasing a phone number list.

For further information regarding telemarketing lists, please check out the following links:

United States Do Not Call Information website
Canada’s National Do Not Call Information website
Faxing Guidelines for Fax Campaigns
Do Not Call Legislation Demystified


Of the over 50,000 lists available on the market today, the most commonly known is a mailing list.
One of the challenges with mailing lists is Data Accuracy due to the large volume of consumers and businesses moving locations.
Our mailing lists are continually being updated with these changes as well as being compared to the latest do-not-mail requests. This practice results in a very high accuracy level. There is a small percentage of list contacts who do not completed the update process and, as a result, those mail-outs may get returned if they are not forwarded. However, as noted, this is a very small percentage of the overall list.

A successful mail out campaign delivers an advertising or informational mailer to the targeted audience within an individually addressed envelope. Good address lists and mailing lists will get your mail out into the hands of your chosen market demographic. The quality of your creative mailer converts those contacts into sales and new customers.

A mailing list or address list from SuperLists allows you the flexibility of purchasing a relatively small list from a larger target audience. This allows you to send out your mailing, refine your enclosure based on initial results, re-test by re-sending your updated enclosure to another segment of the target audience, thus expanding your campaign as you perfect your marketing strategies. This process is facilitated by our ability to ensure subsequent list purchases do not contain duplicates from earlier lists, when the subsequent lists are purchased within a reasonably close time-period.


Is an email marketing campaign right for you? SuperLists personnel are ready to assist you in deciding if this marketing avenue is right for you.
If you decide an email campaign is right for your business, our qualified list representatives will do everything they can to assist in the success of your campaign. With access to every e-mail list on the market today, your SuperLists representative will help find the right list for your product or service.


Email has made a significant difference in the way many businesses market their products and services. The number of consumers and businesses with email addresses has burgeoned in the past decade which makes contacting your target market easier and faster than ever.


The majority of email address lists are “rented” not sold outright. This is because rental email lists are consent driven … the people on these e-mail lists have given consent to receive emails about specific products or ideas; they have “opted-in” to the email addresses list. List owners spend time and resources compiling lists of email addresses which comply with all federal laws and legislation. They will not compromise their email list by selling the email list for individual, possibly non-compliant, use.

There is a good reason for this caution. Any one of the email address owners on the email list may opt-out of the e-mail list the very day it is sold to a business. The business is not aware of the opt-out and sends their email creative to all addresses on the email list. The opted-out email address owner complains, and the business finds its website has been shut down by its ISP (Internet Service Provider). Not a pleasant possibility.

When an email addresses list is rented from a list owner, they ensure all email address owners on the e-mail list continue to opt in and, therefore, actually want to receive your email creative. This is because when you rent a list of emails, you do not actually receive the email list, the list owner sends out the email campaign on your behalf ensuring you assume no risk in the unlikely event of a complaint.

There are two types of lists available for rent:

OPT-IN EMAIL: The contacts in these email lists have all indicated they want more information on certain topics of interest to them. These contacts are much less likely to treat messages as spam since they only receive emails about topics of interest to them.

DOUBLE OPT-IN EMAIL: These are the best email lists. They contain contacts that have not only indicated topics of interest, but have also been contacted to confirm these interests in advance of being added to a list of emails.

There is a third type of e-mail list available. The compiled e-mail list consists of contacts from many diverse sources. These addresses are not consent-driven; the email contact has not given their consent to use their email address or to receive unsolicited emails. SuperLists does not recommend you purchase a compiled email list. Your marketing campaign will be more effective and your dollars spent more wisely, sending emails only to those contacts who want to hear about your product or service.

Obtaining the right email list to reach your target audience is only the first step. Having an effective subject line is the best way to ensure your message gets opened by your target. A great creative or message results in your target moving forward to the desired action, i.e. answering your survey, clicking on your website, purchasing your item, etc.

Whether you have a team of professionals designing your creative or opt to have the list owner assist in the design process, you want to ensure your subject line catches the attention of the intended target and your creative persuades the target to take the desired action when they open the email. For tips, please visit our Resource Centre

Many email list owners include the design of the creative in the cost of the campaign, saving you time, effort and the cost of having this done by another company. We have found when the list owner produces the creative, your results improve as they are experts in this area.


Email appending is a service provided by several reputable companies and involves finding email addresses for your mailing or phone list. A typical successful append rate for business email addresses is 25% to 65%. Apart from a minimum charge, you pay only for the addresses to which they match emails. Some companies will send your email on your behalf and then provide you with the email addresses of those who respond. Other companies will locate the email addresses and sent the campaign on your behalf, but do not provide you with the email addresses.

If this is an avenue you wish to consider, ask your SuperLists representative for further information or assistance.


Are you a business looking to contact other businesses? Then a business list is what you need. At SuperLists, our experienced list brokers have access to every list on the market today. There are over 50,000 lists currently available, with more coming on stream every day … and finding you the right list at the best price is what SuperLists does best. If the list you are seeking is available, your SuperLists broker we can find it.
Our experienced brokers can be counted on to search the entire list industry to find the information that best suits your marketing campaign. Contacting SuperLists can help keep your marketing campaign on target, within budget and on time by increasing your ROI (Return on Investment).
Business lists encompass all sectors of the marketplace, from small business to corporate giants. Are you planning to send a great creative to top level decision makers in the manufacturing sector? SuperLists can help. Are you a small business wanting to send a mailer to announce your special services to other businesses in your city? SuperLists can find that list. Planning a trade show? SuperLists can find you a list of businesses in North America who want to be there and are waiting for your invitation.

Whether your company is a small firm wanting to increase business or a large corporation looking to expand – SuperLists can help.

At SuperLists we understand the importance of up-to-date, reliable business lists. Our success depends on your success. We know that a quality business list will produce quality leads. When purchasing a business list from SuperLists, you know you are getting the most accurate, current list available on the market today. Our experienced list brokers are friendly and knowledgeable and put the success of your campaign first. When you call or e-mail SuperLists, we get back to you, with results.
SuperLists brokers assist in making your purchase an easy one. We can often deliver your specified information in as little as 24 hours through the email delivery of the file. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfers, and Company Checks for payment.

Call or e-mail SuperLists today … you’ll be glad you did.


“SuperLists was very helpful in locating a mailing list for our firm. We have run two successful mail out campaigns from this list, which increased our sales this quarter and exposed our product to more people in a cost-effective way.”
Rosalind Martin, 456799 BC Ltd, Vancouver, Canada

We found SuperLists convenient to deal with through email. Our mailing list was provided to us within 24 hours and we met our mailing deadline. We have begun to see results and are looking at increasing our technical staff to deal with demand.”
Geoff Feist, Current Electronics, Seattle, WA

“Our new customer incentive was well-received with the personal invitations we were able to mail out with the list provided by SuperLists. The success of this promotion means we will be ordering further targeted lists from SuperLists in future.”
Michael Halverson, Motor Plus Parts Warehouse, Baltimore, MD